Family is the greatest masterpiece God created in the last day of the Creation. Family is the first community God created in this world so that we could directly experience the joys of heaven. Therefore, it should be a small heaven filled with love and peace.
- Pastor Yong-Jo ha
Chairmain of Duranno Father School


The Duranno Father School is a MUST for every father. So much was learnt in 3 days. It beats 30 years of trial and error.
- Jack Tan


I'm glad I've taken and completed this course. With the knowledge I've gained, I feel more confident and know that I can make better choices in living as a husband, father and grandfather.
- Daniel Loo


It has change my whole outlook about the spiritual aspect of a father's role in the family unit.
- Lee K H

Father School aims to teach healthy family values in the midst of dysfunction, miscommunication and broken relationships. We believe that true transformation and growth begins with forgiveness and healing which enables us to recover broken relationships. It all begins with the father of the family.

Duranno Father School offers guidance on how to begin this healing process within yourself and your family so that your home may be filled with rest, peace, hope, and love. Fathers, it begins with us.

Come and let us build our families together.