Pastor-YongFamily is the greatest masterpiece God created in the last day of the Creation. Family is the first community God created in this world so that we could directly experience the joys of heaven. Therefore, it should be a small heaven filled with love and peace.

Families nowadays, however, are rapidly collapsing. Churches are losing their strength, society is being shaken, and the world is falling into confusion, frustration, and darkness due to the collapse of the family. The pressing necessity of our time is the recovery of the family, which serves as the foundation unit of the church and society. A quick recovery is the foremost requirement and a shortcut for reviving churches and redeeming our society.

The father is a central figure in the family. Structure and order in the family is collapsing due to the deteriorating image of what it means to be a father. As a result, the father’s central role in the family is being damaged. Duranno Father School is here to help men restore their noble name of father and the role of being a father.

God loves fathers. Fathers, rise and shine over society. God’s glory is upon you all. I have a vision that happy and healthy families and society will be built through your recovery.

I welcome you to Duranno Father School from the bottom of my heart. Praise the Lord!

Pastor Yong-jo Ha
Duranno Father School